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I'm Sharon,
Your Health Coach

Are you longing for clarity and peace as you improve your eating habits? Ready to remove foods loaded with sugar from your grocery list? Are you looking for an encouraging place to land and enhance your well-being?

Good news! You’re in the right place.

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I help women overcome sugar cravings and make healthier food choices to lose weight naturally without dieting.

It's time to embrace empowering decisions and create the best version of yourself...the person you desire to see in the mirror each morning.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy, balance of mind, and were excited to rise and shine. You will confidently break free from sugar cravings and shift away from unhealthy habits, transforming your mindset to begin enjoying a lifetime of freedom. Together, we will discover the tools you need for a lifetime of success.

You have tried to say, “good-bye” to sugar cravings…but sugar keeps knocking at your door. 

You will no longer feel the urge to, “give in”, to those cravings that leave you overwhelmed and sluggish.

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Sugar Detox Refresh

You need a powerful solution that will help you cut your sugar cravings loose and say goodbye to those debilitating decisions.

Discover how to jumpstart your metabolism, boost your energy, restore your balance and get your body back on track.

Metabolism Jumpstart

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Reboot your mindset and make lasting changes with what your body feels and how you think about food.

Mindset Reboot


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“Sharon is a fantastic woman who is also a motivated and compassionate person who is passionate about health and helping women achieve a healthy lifestyle, body, soul, and mind.”

- Loy


I'm Sharon -

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach with training and credentials from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have been where you are. I know what it’s like to not recognize yourself in photos because of unwanted weight gain. I also remember my daily 3:00 p.m. rendezvous with a bag of Cheetos. Eventually, my clothes no longer fit. It took a toll on me until I learned how to gain control of my choices. You can gain control too! 

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10 Easy Mason Jar Recipes To Crush Sugar Cravings

Download my 10 Easy Mason Jar Recipes That Crush Sugar Cravings today and learn how to make delicious, quick, and healthy meals for the rest of the week!

These recipes are the best way to fill your eating schedule with good choices, and It's easy on your busy routine. 
These recipes are the best way to fill your eating schedule with good choices, and It's easy on your busy routine. 

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Are you ready to stop choosing sugar? 

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Are you ready to improve your health without dieting, shift your mindset and live a healthy, happy life?

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10 Easy Mason Jar Recipes To Crush Sugar Cravings


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